About Lionshare Solutions

Lionshare Solutions, a division of 21st Century Solutions Ltd., was established in 1979 to provide safety services and productivity solutions to industry and manufacturers.

Over the years we have dealt with and provided business solutions to automotive body shops, automobile repair and restoration shops, custom fabrication shops, equipment manufacturers and many other industrial and manufacturing sectors. For over 30 years we have strived to provide unsurpassed customer service, safety solutions and value-priced productivity solutions.

Environmentally Compliant Retractable Paint Booth Solutions

In 1999, we began consulting to a number of paint booth designers, manufacturers, suppliers and end users because of a significant need for their products and the customers applications to be “Compliant from an Environmental, a Health and Safety, and Regulatory Perspective.”

We have worked in providing paint booth solutions to numerous industries for all kinds of painting needs. All of our paint booth solutions comply with all OSHA and NFPA 33 guidelines.

We started consulting to Body Shops and our experience in the collision repair industry helped us to develop a methodology of the best paint booth solutions based on individual customer applications and needs. The value, quality and efficiency of our paint booth solutions have been a major factor in our expansion into other industries and our overall success.

Can Your Industry Benefit From a Movable and Retractable Spray Booth?

We can supply retractable spray paint booth solutions for the auto or truck body shop industry, woodworking or finishing shops, custom fabrication shops, equipment manufacturers or rebuilders and numerous other manufacturing or industrial sectors.

Our in-house customer service and sales team have the experience and vast product knowledge on our offered retractable solution. Out Team is ready to answer your questions, as well as being here to provide after-sales support and service.”